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These days, no one doubts the need for the introduction of professional standards, which employers, educational institutions, existing and future employees firmly believe in.

Employers are interested in building a team of skilled professionals and providing their employees with high-quality professional development opportunities.

Educational institutions are interested in providing students with the knowledge and skills needed in the work place.

Employees must be highly skilled specialists in their field and acquire the relevant skills and high-level training.

The Financial Markets Association "Council for Professional Qualifications Development" was established in March 2015 to create, support and develop  professional qualifications in the financial market. The General Director of the Association is Diana Mashtakeeva.

The Central Bank of Russia, the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, the Federal Treasury, the Pension Fund of Russia, FSS, EAEC, professional communities of banking, auditing, accounting, debt collection, and other financial activities, and various commercial organizations support and participate actively in the Association's activities.

The developed professional standards will form the basis for professional public accreditation of relevant educational programs and the development of public accreditation centres, which will become the core of the National Qualifications Framework of the Russian Federation.

The National Qualifications Framework of the Russian Federation is intended:

- to ensure the relationship between labour market and education system

- to support the development of life-long professional learning

- to align educational standards and training programs with labour market needs

- to establish uniform content and quality standards for the professional activities

- to ensure the transparency of verification and evaluation of professional qualifications

- to contribute to the professional orientation among the general public

In 2014-2015, the Association developed the following professional standards:  bank treasury specialist, automated banking systems specialist, banking specialist, internal auditor, mortgage specialist, collections specialist, corporate lending specialist, credit broker, financial advisor, factoring operations specialist, risk management specialists, insurance specialist, payment systems specialist, forex  specialist (forex broker), economic security specialist, insurance broker, securities market specialist, microfinance operations specialist, collateral specialist, appraisers, accountants, auditors, actuary, consumer credit specialist, precious metals specialist, leasing operations specialist, payment transaction specialist, clearing operations specialist, online banking specialist.

Today a number of Centres and Commissions operate actively within the Association:

- The Centre for Development and Updating of Professional Standards

- The Center for Professional and Public Accreditation

- The Certification and Qualification Assessment Centre

- The Committee on Professional Accountancy Qualifications

- The Commission on Banking

- The Risk Management Committee regularly monitors work in the field of risk management

 - The Commission on Application of Practice and Education Professional Standards in Internal Auditing

- The Commission on Appraisal

To improve employees' training and competitiveness in the labor market, our Association pays special attention to carrying out professional and public accreditation (PPA), which aims to make an independent evaluation of educational programs, to inform citizens and employers of the quality of training.

Experts or representatives of foreign educational institutions and practitioners in the fields of financial markets are welcome to participate in the procedure of professional and public accreditation. We need advice from the specialists with the expertise regarding the problems and peculiarities of the development of educational programs.

We look forward to a successful relationship with the Qualification Assessment Centres. We hope that cooperation in this area helps create and put the certification of professional qualifications as a new tool for the recognition of Russian professional qualifications widely into practice.


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